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Many business owners are unaware that growth is different from scaling. While both of these concepts point companies in the right direction as both can increase the bottom line, fundamentally, these are two different concepts. 


Growth is an increase in capacity and operations along with an increase in revenue. However, this increase is coupled with a concurrent rise in costs to make the business earn more. 

On the other hand, scaling means increasing revenue while keeping costs down, and it all boils down to how the business can prioritize efficiency. 

Foundations 2.0 is all about Scaling. It’s designed to help businesses at the million dollar mark scale beyond that point and into something truly remarkable. You’ll hear from industry-leading CEOs and learn the exact strategies they have used to Scale. We’ve cover topics like when/if you should diversify, creating new streams of income, decentralization and automation, and more.
If you’re looking to scale your Cleaning Company beyond $1 Million, this is the event you’re looking for.


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Foundations was a life changing experience for me. By the time I had learned about Foundations I had already hit the big Million Dollar mark – which you’d think I would have been so excited for! But truth be told, I was not. I was depressed. I had worked so hard to get to that destination mark; that so many maid services talk about, and once I finally crossed that line, there was nothing left for me to push for. I fell into a deep depression. Attempting to get myself out of this I searched for education classes or something that could help me find what my next step would be. I had heard about Foundations and knew I needed to go. On one of the first days, I had a heart to heart with Liz and tears poured out as I began to tell her I felt like I had nowhere to go from here. I had gotten to the finish line. She looked me in the eyes and said “why do you feel you have to stop at the million-dollar mark? Push for a new goal. From this day on your goal is to hit the 5-million-dollar mark. And once you hit that you are going to hit the 10 million!” Now I went into Foundations thinking I knew so much. It turned out I was so wrong. Over the next 7 days I learned more about my business than I ever had before. I realized my finish line was nowhere near the million-dollar mark. I created systems I had only dreamed of having. I created some of the best friendships with people who have the same drive and work ethics as myself. After touring Tom’s location and seeing how his operation was set up, it inspired me to continue building my company. I did not even know it was possible to have multiple locations all be run from one primary location! Today I have 3 locations in different cities, and they are all run out of 1 office. We are on point to close 2021 at 2.5 million and I don’t plan on stopping. Foundations will be my 3rd time going and I guarantee I will learn even more this time. There is so much information to learn and with hard work and dedication you too can level up your company for success. I can’t wait to be inspired again this year at Foundations. Thank you, Tom, Derek, and Liz, for truly giving me back my motivation for my business.

Trisha Lake


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When I started working with Liz I had a solid medium sized residential & commercial business that was run like most small businesses, many strong points but still far from being a grown up marketable business that could be sold. After years of working with several different fine coaches, I started coaching with Liz, and it was surprisingly different and more powerful than I ever expected! Rather than working on “this issue or that” like coaches had done before, Liz used her special talents to help us to dig to the REAL issues, and find solutions to the REAL problems. My business went from a nice mom and pop shop to a valuable asset, which I was able to sell for six figures the year after I started coaching with her. People know Liz for her culture expertise, but what many do not realize is that she is the whole package and has strong skills in all the areas that business owners MUST be great at to succeed. Coaching with Liz changed my life, short term and long term! Liz is not just the cheerful, positive person people know, she is also a hard core business woman that will firmly hold you accountable and help you to push yourself to achieve so much more than you ever would dream of!


– Samantha Snider

What you are looking for, I think Liz Trotter is your lady. Liz does an outstanding job on employee engagement and systems and organizing your how to manual to make sense for everyone in your office and growth plan and marketing plans to grow your company to the next level. I have used Liz Trotter and it was an awesome experience; I now have a complete manual, all systems in place, yearly marketing plan, and more better employee engagement (which helps with customer satisfaction). And now officially semi-retired and working only on the business only and delegating to my operation manager. I would definitely give Liz Trotter a call.


– Dawn Mann Raffler

I did the foundations class with Liz Trotter as my coach. It was very helpful and I’m going to be going back in February to do it again with my new cleaning business in mind. Liz is an excellent coach, She really cares, she is great with problem solving and teaching you how to solve your problems!


– Katie Lambert


This event is for million-dollar cleaning businesses ONLY. You’ll have access to some of the top CEOs in the industry, as well as business owners just like you to collaborate and network with. And, by the end of the event, you’ll leave with incredibly valuable strategies and information that you can use to scale your business well beyond the million-dollar mark.


If you’re ready to create a remarkably successful business, join us in Charleston for Foundations 2.0.


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